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Q : When is it a BEST time to buy/invest?


A : There is never a BEST time, but what is important would be to understand the Pro & Cons of every situation and make the best of it.
Understanding the Risks, Potential and Opportunity Cost is essential. We have an extensive compiled RISK ANALYSIS FRAMEWORK and will be able to share it with you.


Q : Freehold or Leasehold?

New Launch or Resale??


We will be going through these options in our RISK ANALYSIS FRAMEWORK to give you a detailed comparison.


Q : How can I upgrade from my HDB to a private property with touching any of my hard-earned savings?


A : Let us break it down into simple numbers for you. Weighing out your potential, risks and savings. It will be a calculated approach for you to make an informed decision after our discussion.


Q : Should I be buying a HDB/EC or private property/landed?


A : What matters more is to understand your needs, intentions and ability. Importantly to create a safety net for you for rainy days so you can be assured. Properties are supposed to be an asset & not a liability and we have our specialised tools to plan and cater what is ideal for you. 


Q : Are there value buys? I am KEEN to enter the market now!


A : Do read on below to find out how you can be well assured to identifying value buys through our RISK ANALYSIS FRAMEWORK and what are the value buys in the market now. 


Q : Last but not least, do I sell first or buy first?


A : We have different customized options for you, but before we proceed, we need more information from you (e.g. your property info, financial assessment) from you so that we can propose the most viable option for you to ensure the whole process is safe and without stress.



Mr and Mrs Thong are in their early 40s now, contacted us through Facebook.

We responded immediately and scheduled an appointment to meet-up ,sat down with them, assessed their current financial situation and most importantly to understand their needs and objective to kick-start their ASSET PROGRESSION JOURNEY. After which, we gave them an overview on the market’s trend and data, the potential upside and opportunities and their risk and most importantly their safety net in executing this plan.

We promptly prepared the makeover of their house, listed their unit for SALE on the market.

Conducted 2 viewings for their unit and managed to achieve a RECORD selling price for their house in that estate.

Thus, we weighed out their risk, saw the potential and they decided take the leap of faith where they sold their HDB and upgraded to their first private property. They are also in the position for the other party to be ready for the next purchase to avoid any Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (commonly known as ABSD).

However, bear in mind that everyone’s situation is different and up to every individual’s comfort level and we are more than happy to discuss!



After successfully selling their DBSS flat in 2 viewings, we began our search for their private property based on the following criteria:  

1) Preference of bigger unit size due to their family size (resale condo development)

2) Personal family reason of staying near their parents’ house

3) Staying near to their children’s primary school to shorten their traveling time

We completely understand their needs and we are able to assist them to shortlist a few condo developments that met their criteria.

We helped them to arrange all the units suitable for them according to their viewing schedules efficiently.

After leaving no stones un-turned, we sat down after our viewings and discussed in details which unit to make an offer.

After which, we negotiated a good price with the seller for them, sealed the deal and successfully upgraded their lifestyle through asset progression.



Mr and Mrs Thong own a private property now and they wanted to purchase another B1 industrial property due to their business expansion needs. Moreover, Mrs Thong would like to hold their existing property and would like to avoid incurring Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) as well. 

We sat down, assessed their financial situation and importantly to understand their needs and objective.  After which, we gave them an overview on the market’s trend and data, the potential upside and opportunities and their risk and most importantly their safety net.

They were assured and as they have decoupled during their private property purchase. They are in a best position purchasing their next industrial property for investment. 

However, bear in mind that everyone’s situation is different and based on your own comfort level we are more than happy to discuss further in details. So do feel free to leave us your contact below now to find out on your eligibility.

Now that you are somewhat convinced or interested to find out how to own a 2nd property and start your Asset Progression Journey but you have these


Is this the BEST time to buy?


A : Unfortunately, there is never a BEST TIME to buy but that is why we are here to show you when it could be a good opportunity to enter the market.


Q : Are there any undervalued buys or developer discounts?


A : We have done EXTENSIVE research for you and will show you the relevant but less-known data and share critical market information so that you are well equipped in your decision making.



Buying based on LOGIC or EMOTIONS?


A : Rest assured, we would not want you to break the bank just to own a 2nd property, nor for it to affect your current lifestyle. Everyone should own a 2nd property at their own comfort level. And we will share various risk assesment techniques to ensure that your monthly commitments not be overstretched.

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